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Trautwein’s ATA started because of the personal impact Martial Arts had for our entire family! At Trautwein’s ATA, we focus on the complete personal development of each student, by providing group and individual instruction. We believe in building self-confidence and self-esteem through our instruction.

We encourage our students to set goals and then crush them! Whether it’s within their taekwondo training, the classroom, or extracurriculars, our martial arts training will build a great foundation for the future leaders in our community! Respect, self-confidence & discipline are at the forefront of our classes, and we assure you that you will quickly see that we teach so much more than just “kicking and punching”.

Our Academy

Our 7000 square foot, state of the art facility has high quality padded floors for maximum comfort while training, mirrors the entire length of the room to provide multiple views for students practicing, and many different kicking pads and pieces of equipment for the many facets of taekwondo training

Our Instructors

The Trautwein family in taekwondo uniforms at Trautwein's ATA

Our Story

Mrs. Bairos as a white belt in 1996

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Trautwein's ATA Martial ArtsExperience the Difference with America’s Leader in Martial Arts.

Trautwein’s ATA Martial Arts and Karate for Kids in Sarasota Florida, is a proud member of the American Taekwondo Association (ATA). The ATA is the largest martial arts organization in existence with over 1,500 schools and 300,000 members worldwide. All of our programs at Trautwein’s are founded upon years of research and development as well as practical application by ATA member schools and Masters.

Our instructors strive to be positive role models for all of our students, incorporating the teaching of strong character, leadership, good citizenship and good values into each class.

Students are trained to the best of their own ability. Their physical condition as well as personal habits and behavior are taken into consideration when setting goals and milestones in their programs as they work towards their Black Belt.

Members of our academy range in age from 4 years old and up. Students range in background and ability, including those who are looking to begin an exercise program, as well as those who have participated in collegiate and professional sports. In addition, we offer programs for individuals with special needs.