“A Family that KICKS together, STICKS together”


Trautwein’s ATA is the epitome of a family business! Our family started training in the ATA in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania the 90’s, but not all at once… one member started, then another, then before we knew it, all 5 of us were training in Songahm Taekwondo. Mr. Trautwein’s career eventually moved the family to Englewood, Florida, and we all continued to train at a nearby ATA school. Master Trautwein was extremely passionate about teaching martial arts to children, and felt destined to eventually start her own academy. Trautwein’s ATA opened it’s doors in August of 2000, and started off in a small space in a shopping center on Clark Road. As our student-base expanded, our building had to expand as well. Eventually we moved to our current location and built out our state-of-the-art taekwondo facility at 7754 State Road 72. Mrs. Bairos is the Trautwein’s oldest child, and has trained for many years in the ATA. After graduating college & working in finance, she knew her calling was to teach taekwondo, so she followed her passions and transitioned to a full-time career at Trautwein’s ATA in 2011. She knew she wanted to step into a new role at Trautwein’s ATA, and continue the family legacy for years to come.

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