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Thank you for joining us at Trautwein’s ATA. Our goal is to provide an environment where children and adults gain confidence, learn to defend themselves, and become passionate about their sport. We also teach our students to practice with discipline and self-control, grow friendships, and so much more. We’re a husband/wife/daughter team and we’ve been open in Sarasota since 2000. We strive to keep the traditions of martial arts alive, while providing a welcoming and nurturing setting for everyone. Please take a look around this page to find schedules, upcoming events, and Frequently Asked Questions, and feel free to ask us any questions you may have!  As we mentioned, we’re a local family business, and we want you to feel at home here!

Please be sure to check your email for a welcome message and additional information from

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need for my first class?

A great attitude is the #1 thing to bring!
A plain white t-shirt (to wear under your uniform)
If you have long hair, please bring a hair tie or headband to keep your hair out of your face
No JEWELRY – please remove all jewelry before coming to class – it’s a safety precaution for ALL of our students!

Please arrive at the taekwondo school 15 minutes prior to your first class so that we’re able to get you fitted for a uniform. Plus it gives a new student time to look around and adjust to their surroundings!

What time are my classes?

Please review our schedule for class times using the following key:

“Tigers” are students ages 4-6
“Kids Basic” classes are for new students ages 7-12
“Adults” are students ages 13 & up

How often should students attend classes?

All students should be attending 2 classes per week. Students in the Leadership Program are able to attend as many classes as they want every week. We also invite any students who miss class during a week, to make up those classes during subsequent weeks. In order to go to testing, students are required to have 16 classes in a testing cycle.

How do students earn stripes?

There are two different types of stripes a color belt earns: Rank Stripes & Testing Cycle Stripes.

Testing cycle stripes are earned in classes throughout a testing cycle. The first stripe is earned after a student has attended 6 classes in a testing cycle. The second stripe is earned after a student has attended at least 12 classes, and can comfortably and confidently perform their entire form for their belt level. The third stripe is only given out during “Pre-Testing Week”, which is the week before a promotional testing. Students must demonstrate all required material for their upcoming testing with power, focus, fluidity, and show improvement from their previous testing.

Rank stripes determine if a student is a “recommended” belt or “decided” belt. All students are earn their decided ranks every testing until they reach the level of Blue Belt Recommended. From that point forward, students will have to test for their Decided Stripe at the promotional testings we have every 10 weeks. In other words, they’ll remain a blue belt, brown belt, red belt, and black recommended belt for two testing cycles each. The first time as a recommended, the second as a decided.

What is a "testing"?

Our students have the opportunity to test for their next belt level here at the taekwondo school. Requirements vary by age and belt level. We work on the students’ required testing skills and material during classes every 10-week testing cycle.