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Intro to Taekwondo classes are on
Tuesdays and Thursdays at 4:00 pm!

*Offer for students ages 5 & up!

Our martial arts classes provide FITNESS with BENEFITS!

With schools and gyms closed, we’ve started offering VIRTUAL classes to our Sarasota Community! Join one of our certified instructors for our high energy classes that will make you sweat, make you feel empowered, learn a new skill, give a connection to like-minded people in our community, all within your own home! In our classes we of course teach kicking and punching, but what makes our classes special is the combination of physical AND mental training. When a student learns a self-defense move, breaks a board, or reaches a goal they didn’t know was possible, it causes a shift inside. The benefits are limitless! Our students gain confidence, strength, leadership skills, and so much more, in our life-changing classes! We LOVE that taekwondo is an individual sport with a team mentality! If a student makes a mistake, they won’t feel like they “let the team down”, instead, you’ll see other martial arts students encouraging and building each other up!