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Karate Kids

ATA Tigers

Trautwein’s ATA offers a specialized Taekwondo program, ATA Tigers, for preschool aged children, from ages 4 to 6.
ATA Tigers

Karate Kids

They run the spectrum in size, age and maturity, but all have the desire to participate in an organized athletic program with a variety of activities and goals.
Adult Classes

Adult Classes

The physical and personal benefits of participating in Trautwein’s ATA program are significant for everyone – adults & kids.
After School Program

After School Program

We offer an all-inclusive after school program that provides transportation to our academy from several surrounding elementary schools
Mommy And Me

Mommy And Me

We will be hosting these classes in 8-week cycles, and the cost for each 8-week session is $60! Parents and kids should wear comfortable clothing, and be ready for some fun!
Birthday PArties

Birthday Parties

Not only do we provide basic knowledge learned in our classroom every day, but we play fun games that incorporate skills used in martial arts as well.

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Trautwein’s ATA Karate Sarasota

Karate Sarasota – Trautwein’s ATA Martial Arts, located in Sarasota, Florida, is the leader in providing martial arts training in a safe, fun environment. Our Karate For Kids Program helps children ages 4 and up develop martial arts skills, social skills, self-discipline, responsibility, teamwork and respect for self and others.

Our evening classes focus on teaching proper songahm taekwondo technique while incorporating many life lessons. We also work on many physical skills including balance, flexibility, cardio and strength training.

In addition to our evening martial arts classes, we offer an all-inclusive after school program that provides transportation to our studio from several surrounding elementary schools. Every day the children receive a taekwondo lesson, a snack, and supervised homework time. This is the perfect program for working parents to allow their kids to participate in martial arts while also providing homework assistance so that the evening can be spent together having quality family time!

One of our most popular programs that we offer is our day camp! During many holidays and school closings we offer day camps from 8:00 am – 3:00 pm (with aftercare available until 6:00 pm). For summer, our week-long camps are filled with tons of fun activities including dodge ball, a water day, talent show, pad jumping competitions, a pizza party, and more! It’s a great way to keep your kids entertained all summer long!

Trautwein’s ATA is a member of the American Taekwondo Association (ATA), the premier North American organization dedicated to the martial arts discipline of Taekwondo. Located on the Gulf Coast in Sarasota, Florida we welcome martial arts enthusiasts of all ages and abilities to learn the world’s most popular martial art: Songahm Taekwondo.

Tiny Tigers, Karate for Kids, as well as Taekwondo for adults: You’ll find it all at Karate Sarasota – Trautwein’s ATA Martial Arts of Sarasota, Florida.

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