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Taekwondo: How Young is too Young?

Taekwondo: How Young is too Young?This is a question we often get from the parents of prospective students and, of course, the first thing to remember is that it depends upon your child. However, we believe that preschool (age 4-6) is generally a good time to begin. Our program, Tiny Tigers, has been developed for the 4-6 year old child and begins to teach the fundamental philosophies and core values of Taekwondo in an age-appropriate and fun way.

The preschool years are critical to laying the foundations of character in terms of respect,courtesy, self-control, focus and discipline. Since children are born supple, this is a good time to teach them how to maintain their physical flexibility and begin to develop focused strength. Our specialized program places a great deal of attention to the development and improvement of the young child’s motor skills including their ability to focus, pay attention and follow directions. Additionally, children begin to learn how to deal with confrontation and how to overcome fear. These are all physical and mental skills that are not only inherent to Taekwondo, but also developed further and carried with a person for life, so starting early is a great way to get that ball rolling!

As mentioned, however, keeping the focus on the age of the child is critical. For example,Trautwein’s Tiny Tigers have weekly task sheets they have to complete. These sheets include such tasks as making the bed, being helpful to parents and teachers, brushing hair and teeth and being nice to siblings. While simple in concept, the same tasks are carried forward in more specific and progressive terms on goal sheets as the children develop and get older in order to provide consistent content to their training. Keeping the focus on mind and body, and on FUN, is our way of building life skills that transcend every aspect of a child’s, then adult’s, experience.

Why not speak with one of our specialized staff to see if becoming a Trautwein’s Tiny Tiger is right for your preschooler?

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