Improving Your Child’s Attitude through Taekwondo

Happy Holidays
Happy Holidays!
December 25, 2014
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Taekwondo Improves Attitude

Your child's attitude will improve the study of Taekwondo!

Taekwondo Improves Attitude

Your child’s attitude will improve the study of Taekwondo!

Taekwondo is more than martial arts. It is a way of thinking and a way of life that improves not only the physical well-being of your child, but his or her attitude as well.

The practice of Taekwondo includes as much mental discipline as physical prowess, and by applying the philosophies we at Trautwein’s ATA teach your child, the impact will be felt on every aspect of his or her life. Here are some examples of the positive impact on attitude that comes along with the study of Taekwondo:

  • Confidence: Taekwondo is designed to help the student develop a positive outlook and a feeling of confidence. Through the study of this art, students will overcome fear that naturally develops in a confrontation. Confident and free of fear, a Taekwondo student is better able to deal with the attacker, using only the amount of force necessary. The concept of  talking through confrontation rather than fighting is stressed.
  • Respect: The first thing taught in the dojang is the bow to show respect for the teacher and fellow students. While preserving their unique individuality, the student will become a better-rounded person. Taekwondo teaches its practitioners to contribute to society, respect the seniors, have compassion for their juniors and treat the environment with respect. They strive to become a more disciplined, focused, and peaceful individual.
  • Ability: As students of Taekwondo, you build self-confidence and self-esteem while you progress in the art. Each of these characteristics improves attitudes. It has been shown time and again that children who train in Taekwondo tend to improve in their studies due to the concentration and self-discipline that is developed.
  • Stress: The total concentration employed while in a Taekwondo class effectively clears the mind, and gives the student a complete break from the worries and tensions which gradually sap people’s energy and drive. Students commonly arrive for class feeling drained after a tough day and leave feeling refreshed and revitalized.
  • Patience: The practice of Taekwondo promotes peace, harmony and, often can lead a child to establish a friendship with someone once thought of as a foe.
  • Outlook: Taekwondo students have a more positive outlook due to their increased self-esteem – the old saying that if you don’t like yourself others may not like you applies…our students are taught how to look at the positive in themselves and in others.

As we approach this time of year, which is often a time for reflection and introspection, think about the benefits a program at Trautwein’s ATA might provide for your child. The New Year may be just the right time for your child to add a positive attitude adjustment to his or her New Year’s resolutions.

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