Uniforms and Patches

Patch SewingFor your convenience, we offer in-house sewing services. Drop off your uniform, along with all patches to be sewn (if attached to another uniform, please include that top as well), in a plastic bag, along with This Order Form filled out and payment accordingly, at the front desk Monday-Thursday. Your uniform will be ready within a week. Please send your child with an ATA t-shirt, along with their pants and belt, for classes, until they receive their uniform top back. Thanks! If you have any questions about this, please email Brooke@TrautweinsATA.com.

Where do the patches go?

uniform patches update

Every student will receive an ATA patch when joining our program. If the student was wearing their uniform, the ATA patch should be on their right (if you’re looking at the uniform straight on, it should be on the left), at chest level. The patch on your left (or, if you’re looking at the uniform straight on, the right) will vary depending on the age group the student is in. Tigers (ages 4-6) will have an Animal Patch that corresponds with their belt rank. Karate Kids (ages 7-12) will have a Victory Patch (read more about this below). Adults will have the Trautwein’s ATA school patch. Once a student joins our Leadership program, they will receive a Leadership patch, which should be placed on the student’s left arm sleeve, centered, just below the shoulder. If you have any questions about this, please email Brooke@TrautweinsATA.com.

Victory Patch System
Victory Patches copy

We love the Victory Patch System for what it represents: personal achievements in, and out, of taekwondo. It is a way for students to display their hard work in martial arts, school, and other activities. For many years we provided a Victory Patch & students turned in their awards/metals/trophies/report cards, and in turn they received small star patches to be ironed on to their Victory Patch. The new star system Trautwein’s ATA developed is called “Trautwein’s ATA Star Points”. Students will continue to turn in their awards, but instead of receiving star patches, they will receive “Star Points”, which are tickets they can collect, and eventually turn in to receive the  next Victory Patch. Please review the links below for more information. We’ve also included a printout if you would like to use that to collect and keep track of your student’s Star Points.

Star Points Program

Star Points Tracker

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