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August 29, 2014
The Benefits of Taekwondo
The Benefits of Taekwondo
September 5, 2014
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Physical Fitness is for Everyone

Physical Fitness is for EveryoneDo you know that 8-18 year old kids spend an average of 7.5 hours a day (yes, each day!) using some sort of technology, be it movies, cell phones, computers or video games? Did you know that the rate of childhood obesity is on the rise dramatically and that this passive activity, together with poor eating habits, is one of the major causes for overweight kids? AND did you know that obesity is a major contributor to diabetes, stroke, heart disease and cancer, let along poor self-esteem and often poor social skills and academic performance? Yikes!

But is isn’t too late to begin a healthy lifestyle. Why not use the beginning of a new school year as the jumpstart for your child to start on a new way of life? Even if your child is healthy and active, it is time to reinforce his or her lifestyle.

Of course, structured activities, such as those offered by Trautwein’s ATA, are beneficial for anyone’s healthy body and mind. And activities like sports, dance or fitness programs can be exciting and challenging enough to keep kids engaged. But here are some tips you can follow on your own.

  • Kids should have at least 60 minutes of physical activity a day. Choose age appropriate and active chores for them -let your children walk the dog, vacuum or mow the lawn. It all adds up!
  • Make fitness a family affair – go on walks together, play tag or ball at the park, go on a bike ride, park farther away from the store entrance or, on a rainy day, play a dance to music video game.
  • Eat healthier such as cutting back on sugar, increasing healthy snacks of fruit, veggies, and nuts, and encourage your child to drink water!
  • Eat smarter! Don’t eat out of the bag, practice portion control, and eat a healthy, not a sugary (think breakfast cereal) breakfast!
  • Create a reasonable bedtime! The fit body needs adequate sleep.

When started early in life, the ideas and practices of physical fitness and its benefits can last a lifetime. Your child will become a healthier adult, will be more attentive in school and beyond and will often become more attentive, more sociable and more self-confident.

That is part of our goal here at Trautwein’s ATA – to help your child become empowered physically and mentally. Stay tuned for our next segment where we will talk about the encompassing benefits of Taekwondo. Till then, stay healthy!

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