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Karate for Kids Program

Karate for Kids



Day Camp

Day Camps

After School

After School

Birthday Parties

Birthday Parties


A specialized Taekwondo program for preschool aged children from ages 4 to 6. This program runs in conjunction with Karate for Kids emphasizing the same important monthly themes and values. Read more

Karate Kids

A specialized Taekwondo program for girls and boys who range in age from 6 to 12. In addition to the pure fun of participating in Trautwein’s ATA program, Karate for Kids provides benefits and achievements for every member. Read more

Adults Program

Adults at every level of conditioning and fitness train at Trautwein’s ATA. Whether interested in fitness, self-defense, boosting confidence or just having fun, the program is developed to achieve any goal. Read more

Day Camps

Day Camps focus on physical and mental development by providing disciplined, fun filled day camps. Basic and/or specialty karate events are included.

After School Program

Not only will your children enjoy after school activities and Taekwondo class, but they will also be working on their homework as well as other school activities. This environment will combine fun and discipline, making the experience enjoyable for children and parents!

Birthday Parties

A KICKING good time on your birthday! Here at Trautwein’s ATA we have a fun and exciting program combining Taekwondo and games for our birthday parties. Boys and girls of all ages are sure to have a great time at one of our parties!

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