Creative Class / Demo Team

 Practice Wednesdays from 5:55-6:25 pm
Taught by Mrs. Brooke Trautwein-Bairos

In this class we will be learning more advanced kicking, weapon & board breaking skills, focusing on speed & precision of technique, acrobatics, showmanship, and more!  We will also spend time putting together routines and demonstrations to be performed at different events.


In order to be a part of the Demo Team, there will be certain goals that must be reaching in taekwondo, along with additional commitments & requirements to maintain an active status on the team.


Requirements to try out:

Minimum of Purple Belt or Higher

Must be in Leadership Program

Must in Karate Kids or Adult Program

Consistently training a minimum of 2 hours per week

Have an animated personality & be able to perform for an audience


Parents…  An Important thing to remember… this is a highly specialized class, and there will be very limited space in the group. This will be an extra time commitment on your behalf as well as your child’s. If your child doesn’t make it onto the team during try outs this fall, I ask that you encourage them to continue working hard, and maybe dedicate more time to their training so they can try out again in the future! We’re looking for dedicated students who take their training seriously and go the EXTRA MILE in martial arts. Please email us before the try outs with any questions! We want this to be a great experience for all of our students!


Try Outs

This year’s tryouts will be VIRTUAL! Please send a video to by September 12th of the following:

Your current belt level form (or most recent form from your previous testing)

20-30 second weapon freestyle demonstration

Demonstrate advanced kicking techniques (ex – butterfly kick, “whirly bird”, 360 spin hook, etc.)

Any gymnastics abilities or other awesome ninja moves you think we’d like to see!

**This class will run during the school year, but not during the summer break. Students on the demo team will have attendance requirements for the demo team classes, and for performances. More info will be given out to team members. Please note all members of the demo team will be required to have a custom demo team uniform which we can order here and will cost $170.


Annual Demo Team Registration fee: $75

Monthly class fee: $50 for Leadership Members   /   $35 for Legacy Members


Any questions regarding the demo team need to be directed to Mrs. Bairos via email!

Past Performances!

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