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December 6, 2014
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Happy Holidays!
December 25, 2014
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Safety Tips for Kids and Teens
Safety Tips for Kids and Teens

Parents! If your child or teen is coming home after dark, leave the lights on for them…it’s safer!

The best self-defense for your child or teen comes from awareness and prevention. Knowing how to physically defend one’s self is important, but why not help your child avoid the need for self-defense wherever possible?

There are many things kids can do to avoid putting themselves in a dangerous situation. We have talked about how kids can avoid bullying at school, but what about prevention and safety at home? As parents, you should remind them that most crimes are committed because of a chance or random opportunity rather than a plan – so by following some simple guidelines, they won’t give the opportunistic criminal the means to an end!

Remember, that while we at Trautwein’s ATA teach your children self-defensive tactics and maneuvers through Taekwondo, they are still children and vulnerable to potential crime. So, that being said, let’s start with some tips for staying safer at home. Some of these apply more to apartments than private homes and vice versa, but the thought processes are the same regardless of where you live. A few basics, such as the use of lights, will work wonders!

  • As a parent, you should always know when your child or teen is headed home from school or another activity. Have your child or teen call or text you to let you know he or she is on the way.
  • When someone drives your child or teen home, be sure your child asks the driver, often another parent,to please wait until he or she is safely inside. Better yet, your child might ask someone to walk him or her to the front door!
  •  Parents, when you know your child or teen is coming home after dark, always leave outside lights on or use motion lights.
  •  Remind your kids to have their house key or garage remote in hand so they can open the door immediately. Fumbling for keys provides the opportunity for a passing criminal to take advantage of you.
  •  Kids, if you are alone and if you suspect anyone is in your house, do not go in. Go to a neighbor you know, or, if you have one, use your cell phone and call your parent(s) and the police.
  • Your child should NEVER open the door for anyone unless they absolutely, positively know the person.
  • Wide angle door viewers enable residents to identify any visitor. Have a stool by the front door so your child can use the viewer and not crack the door open.
  • We at Trautwein’s ATA are here to help teach your child self-defense – but the best defense can come from preventing a problem in the first place!

Next up, how Taekwondo can help improve your child’s attitude.

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