Please take a moment to review our guidelines for our classes: Click Here

With the ever changing guidelines and environment, we’re adapting as changes happen. We’re currently offering smaller group classes in our academy as well as streaming them live on Zoom, to accommodate everyone’s needs and comfort level. Please contact us for more information

Please keep in mind that at this time we plan to follow this schedule throughout the fall, however things are constantly changing with guidelines and we want to adapt to the situation at hand to best serve our students. We appreciate all of the support and patience we’ve received!

We realize this is a lot of info, but we wanted to let you know some of the important updates/changes we’ve made:

 In person classes!  We will have a max of 20 students per class for non-sparring classes, and each student will have their own training “square” that will be spaced apart from every other training square.

Select classes will also be broadcasted on ZOOM!  We think this is one of the most AWESOME parts of this fall schedule! Some of our students want to continue to train from home, and this is a great way for them to keep up with their training! We will be setting up a camera for zoom during select classes so students can train along with us!  Classes that are offered on ZOOM are highlighted in yellow on the schedule above.

• You can register for classes on the Spark Member App or by visiting: You will need your spark account login to get signed up. (You can book up to 14 days out – 2 classes per week)
ps- check out this video of how to register for classes in the Spark Member app!

• Please register for up to 2 in-person classes per week so everyone that wants to train in person has the ability! It’s also important you cancel an hour in advance of class start time so that other students can utilize the space in class! (Leadership students will automatically be enrolled for the leadership class following their core class (except sparring classes which must be signed up for in addition to the core class), and can attend additional classes on Zoom from home if they want to train more than 2 times per week!)

 Bring your own water bottle and your gear bag with space for shoes to be stored! We will have all students take their shoes off just outside of the workout floor and put their shoes inside of their training bags so that they’re not sharing one big shoe cubby. In addition, each student will have an assigned spot to put their bag during class.

• Between classes we will be dismissing class, sanitizing the workout floor & equipment, and lining up the next class

• Do not be late!! We will be letting students inside the building in a certain order so that students can remain in their training area throughout the entire class time. If you’re late you might be stuck in the wrong training “zone”

• Bathrooms WILL be OPEN, however we encourage students to use the restroom BEFORE coming to ATA to minimize movement and student surface contact while inside of the building. Only 1 student at a time will be allowed to use the restroom.



  • Tigers All Ranks: Any child in our ATA Tigers program (4-6 year olds)
  • Kids Basic: White, Orange & Yellow belts; ages 7-12
  • Kids Inter: Camouflage, Green & Purple belts; ages 7-12
  • Kids Adv: Blue, Brown, Red & Black Belt Recommended belts; ages 7-12
  • Adults: Any adult (ages 13 & up) at any belt level
  • Leadership: advanced weapons, board breaking, and kicking techniques

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