Below you will find our class schedule. We also have a Modified Schedule we use during Summer Break which you can find at the bottom of this page. Please review our calendar to check for any closings.

Modified Holiday Schedule

We will be following the modified holiday schedule on the following dates:

FRIDAY, December 20th


January 2nd & 3rd!

New Student Information

For new students, please find your classes according to their age:
4-6 years old – Tigers
7-12 years old – Kids Basic
13 & Up – Adults


  • Tigers All Ranks: Any child in our ATA Tigers program (4-6 year olds)
  • Kids Basic: White, Orange & Yellow belts; ages 7-12
  • Kids Inter: Camouflage, Green & Purple belts; ages 7-12
  • Kids Adv: Blue, Brown, Red & Black Belt Recommended belts; ages 7-12
  • Adults: Any adult (ages 13 & up) at any belt level
  • BBC: Black Belt Club – special class for beginner weapons & board breaking
  • Leadership / Master Club: advanced weapons, board breaking, and kicking techniques

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