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At Trautwein’s ATA, we not only offer evening Taekwondo classes, after school care & camps, but we also have many special events that take place throughout the year including: self-defense clinics, specialty training courses, belt testing, ninja nights, parties, and more!


Click Here to view our upcoming testing dates for the year. You will also find our board breaking curriculum and a schedule for the week of testing along with other important information for the upcoming testing week all in our “Testing Info Sheet”

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Ninja Night

Saturday, February 1st 6:30-10:00 pm!           Cost: $39

Our Ninja Nights are a favorite among our students! Ninja nights usually fall on a Friday or Saturday evening, and the children are in for a night of dodge ball, jumping pads, bingo (with awesome prizes), a movie and tons of other fun activities! We typically have a ninja night around the end of school, and the end of summer, and winter break, so check back in to see when our next one is happening!

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