At Trautwein’s ATA, we host a promotional testing for our students every 10 weeks. This is when the students will perform their material that they’ve been working on in their classes to test for their next belt. This is a great opportunity for family and friends to watch their loved ones perform their taekwondo skills while also supporting and cheering them on. Please see below to review the testing dates for this year as well as board breaking requirements.

July Testing Info Sheet

2017 Testing Dates
July 24th-28th
October 2nd -6th
December 11th-15th

Testing Board Breaking Requirements**Purple/Blue/Brown Belts: Please see an instructor for this cycle’s breaking requirements**


Red Belts

  1. Reverse Palm heel, round kick (may be #1, #2, or #3)
  2. Reverse elbow, jump side kick
  3. Side kick, back elbow

1st degree black belt recommended

  1. Back elbow, jump front kick (face level)
  2. Reverse punch, step forward reverse side kick (middle section)
  3. Back elbow, jump side kick (1 obstacle)
  4. Custom break (one hand, one kicking tech)*

1st degree black belt decided

  1. Knifehand, jump side kick with 2 obstacles
  2. Punch (lunge or reverse), round kick to face level, side kick (middle section)
  3. Upset knifehand, jump reverse side kick
  4. Front kick, side kick, round kick (one kick must be with opposite leg)
  5. Custom break (one hand, one kicking tech)*

2nd degree black belt recommended

  1. Upward elbow, jump front kick to high fingertip level
  2. Side kick, reverse side kick, #3 jump round kick to face level (one kick must be done with opposite leg)
  3. Hammerfist, step forward jump reverse side kick
  4. Knifehand, palm heel (lunge or reverse), reverse hook kick
  5. Custom break (two hand, one kick tech)*

2nd degree black belt decided

  1. Hammerfist, #3 jump axe kick at face level
  2. Step forward spin hook kick, jump side kick over two obstacles
  3. Upset hammerfist, #2 jump round kick to face level
  4. Backfist, side kick and continuous round kick with same foot not letting it touch the floor
  5. Custom break (two hand, one kick tech)*

3rd degree black belt decided      

  1. Hammerfist, upset hammerfist (same or opposite hand), jump side kick over 3 obstacles
  2. Front kick and continuous side kick, spin heel kick with opposite foot (supported or speed)
  3. Ridgehand, twin jump front kick to mid or high section
  4. Elbow/palm heel combo, 360 degree jump reverse side
  5. Custom board break (one hand and two kick techs)*

*note: all RANK custom breaks must be presented in writing (4 weeks prior to testing) and will need instructor approval. Custom breaks must be challenging to the board breaker, this can vary with every student.

Age/Board color requirements:

Yellow boards—6 years old
Orange boards—7-9 years old
Green boards—10-11 years old
Green/blue boards—12 years old
Blue boards—13 and above
Brown boards—15 and above men