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Empower yourself! Gain confidence by knowing you’re prepared for any situation! Our women’s self-defense course is perfect for moms, teenage girls, professionals, travelers, etc. During this action packed course, we’ll be covering the mental, physical and emotional aspects of defending yourself, and reviewing many topics including:

  • Immediate recognition of sexual harassment
  • Learn direct and clear verbal responses to harassment
  • Easy and applicable physical defense techniques (grab releases, ground defense, etc.)
  • Learn to identify potentially dangerous situations
  • Travel safety tips (from walking to your car by yourself to what suspicious things to look for in hotel rooms)
  • Threat recognition and resolution
  • Home security procedures and tips
  • Situational attack techniques (college campus safety, mom alone with children, etc.)
  • Attackers and their patterns
    …and so much more!

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Any questions? Please email or call 941-926-0355!



T-shirt (no strappy workout tops or tank tops) basic t-shirt. short sleeve is best.

Workout pants or capris – no shorts please (make sure you can move without restriction)

Tennis shoes or bare feet.


*Students will be partnering up and grabbing each other, and we want to make sure everyone feels comfortable. Thank you!*