December 6, 2014
Staff Spotlight: Rick Trautwein

Staff Spotlight: Meet Mr. Trautwein

Here’s another fun installment of our Staff Spotlight series. Here are a few fun facts about Mr. Trautwein!  Meet Mr. Trautwein! What is your main role […]
November 24, 2014
Martial Arts: Just for Boys?

Martial Arts: Just for Boys?

The simple answer is – NO! In a world where the princess is rescued by her handsome prince and where the damsel in distress is saved […]
September 19, 2014
What is the ATA?

Why is the ATA Important?

Founded in 1969, The American Taekwondo Association (ATA) is the premier North American organization dedicated to the martial arts discipline of Taekwondo. It is also a founding […]