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September 1, 2014
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The Benefits of Taekwondo

The Benefits of TaekwondoMany people feel that the martial arts are just about fighting and combat. This is simply not the case! When taught and learned properly, the benefits are felt in the mind AND body – it is all about physical fitness and health, self-esteem and confidence, perseverance, focus and concentration, respect for others and FUN! And that is what we at Trautwein’s ATA communicate to our students and their families. Let’s talk about some of the outstanding benefits of Taekwondo.

  • Physical fitness and health As we discussed last time, physical fitness is critical for a healthy body AND healthy mind. Too many children today lead sedentary lives. Kids are meant to move, to play and to exercise. One of the beauties of Taekwondo is that it works on every part of the body, from head to toe. Whether it is a proper stance or a strong kick, every muscle is used at some point in a Taekwondo session.
  • Kids develop more self-esteem and confidence – They become surer of themselves because of the exercises and teamwork taught. They persevere and pick themselves up and try again if they do not succeed at first. Many gain the confidence to speak in front of their classes, most progress and nurture the younger students, thereby learning patience and kindness. And people with higher self-esteem are less likely to become involved in destructive behaviors.
  • Focus and concentration are the name of the game – Taekwondo students learn different sequences of movements which help their concentration and memory and they also learn to coordinate their bodies. Children in Taekwondo learn discipline as well. They learn to do as they are asked within the structure of the program. And they gain the self-discipline to keep going when training is tough.
  • Respect — Another of the benefits of Taekwondo for children is that there is great emphasis on respect and courtesy. Taekwondo kids learn to respect their instructors, respect each other, and in time they learn to respect themselves. They learn to be polite to everyone. Even people they may not like, which is a good skill for them to take with them into adult life.

Finally – KIDS HAVE FUN! And, they make friends. Students come from all walks of life, from all demographics and socio-economic groups. The students enjoy the comradery, the commonality of interests and each other, and they want to come back to learn more, see their friends and become more empowered.

We will see you again soon to fill you in on the difference between Taekwondo and Karate.

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