Inter-School Tournament

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inter school tournament

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Schedule of Events

8:30 AM JUDGES MEETING (All Black Belts that are in LEGACY program and/or are planning to help with judging/score keeping must attend!)

Approximate Staging Times
(these are not competition times, but we need all competitors checked in and here by that time)

9:00 AM All Tigers
9:45 AM All Black Belts (1st degree & Above)
10:45 AM Karate Kids (White – Purple Belt)
12:00 PM Karate Kids (Blue – Black Recommended)
1:30 PM All Color Belt Adults

Register for the 2019 Inter-School Tournament!

“To Compete is to win!”

Register now to compete in the 2019 inter-school tournament hosted by Trautwein’s ATA & Triumph Martial Arts.

Form & One-Step/Sparring Registration $35
Add-on Combat Weapon Sparring $15
Add-on Traditional Weapons $15

Important Things to Remember

  • Students must be in full uniform to compete
  • Staging times are NOT exact competition times
  • White, Orange & Yellow belts will compete in the Form division, and have the option to also compete in one-steps
  • Camo belts & above will compete in Form & sparring. All gentlemen camo belt and above must be wearing a protective cup
  • Traditional weapons: Color belts will get up to 30 seconds to do a freestyle routine. Weapon(s) should not be thrown into the air for a catch, and no flips or body inversions are allowed. Black belts must perform an ATA protech form for traditional weapons competition.
  • All Tigers will receive a metal. Karate Kids & Adults will only receive a metal if they win 1st, 2nd or 3rd place in a division.
  • Parents are not allowed to coach their students while they’re competing

For a full list of ATA tournament rules, please visit

Frequently Asked Questions!

We’ve had a lot of questions regarding the tournament, so we’ve compiled some of the most frequently asked questions!

Who is eligible to compete in the tournament?
ALL of our students can compete! 
It’s a great experience for kids to learn good sportsmanship – learning to win and lose gracefully, while cheering on their fellow competitors, gain confidence, learn new skills & want to better themselves.

How do I register my child for the tournament?
It’s easy! Fill out the registration form above. Then we’ll take care of the billing on our end.

What will a competitor be expected to do?
The general registration is for each student to compete with their Form, along with one-steps for White, Orange & Yellow belts, OR sparring for Camo belts & above! Leadership program students are also eligible to compete in combat sparring/traditional weapons! (more about weapons below!)

How do the judges pick the winner?
Each tournament ring will have 3 judges. All tigers will receive a “thumbs up” score along with a metal, as we’re trying to introduce them to the experience at a young age. For all Karate Kid & Adult Competitors, two of the judges will be observing quality of technique, one judge will be judging the overall form. So if a child gets nervous and forgets their form, they will still be able to get scored on whatever they were able to complete from two of the judges. After all of the students have received their scores, the totals will be added up to see who won 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in each division.

What will my child do for the Traditional Weapons competition? 
All Leadership Program color belts of all ages will be able to make up a 20-30 second routine with a weapon of their choice. They should practice this at home to be prepared for the day of the tournament! Black belts are required to perform an ATA protech weapon form.

Will my child get a metal or trophy?
Every student that competes will receive a certificate to commemorate their participation in the tournament. In the tiger rings, each child will receive a metal for participation in the tournament, and then an additional metal for each division they add on (combat weapons/traditional weapons). Karate Kids & Adults will only receive a metal if they place 1st, 2nd or 3rd in their division.